Artiste peintre

Inscrit le 06 octobre 2008
Dernière connexion : le 17-08-2018

Thème : Abstrait

Technique : Technique mixte

Mes coordonnées

3 rue Richard Casteau - showroom - atelier galerie
06 14 09 46 50
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Ma galerie

TAPIEZO workshop atelier galerie
rue Casteau

Horaires :
11h - 18h

Painting on canvas with sans, steel, pigments ... Mixed media technical XVII century. Voted artist of the year 2012 by press and public.
Writer Jacques Salomé says: "Tapiézo 'builds' his paintings as were cathedrals, with perseverance, love and tremendous faith in the eyes of others ... Tapiézo's painting is good for the surrounding world. Tapiézo delivers Happiness. "

"Beauty is in the heart of the beholder".
Serge Marjollet alias John Edward Tang

John Edward Tang, collector and writer: "Why I love the works of Tapiézo? They are like suns in my universe. All Tapiezo's paintings are joyful and convey the painter's enthusiasm. His creations unleash our imagination. It's admirable painting. His paintings made of sand and ocher bring serenity.
I agree with what Jacques Salome so aptly says: Tapiézo's paintings bring good luck."