Frequently asked questions

Art Luberon website

Art Luberon what it is ?

Art Luberon is an open window for the artists and their works to the public with a vast choice and an easy access.

Who can exhibit in Art Luberon and how ?

The Art Luberon site is open to painters, sculptors, photographers, plasticiens of any tendency, any artistic movement, without discrimination.
You just have to click on SUBSCRIBE. You have the choice between three formulae : Presence, Vitrine or Gallery.
Every participant subscribes without reserve to the general conditions of use.

What are the advantages of Art Luberon ?

The important number of presented works and the frequency of their updates make Art Luberon a real on-line open window, in which every artist can present a faithful evolution of his artistic approach.
It also means that he has permanently on-line his press-portfolio. No more need to send expensive files of participation to introduce oneself to galleries or to rent a showroom.
A single address on your visiting card will be enough :

Art Luberon benefits from :

  • a quality referencing allowing you to win in visibility,
  • a notoriety being synonymous with quality,
  • links towards your virtual or real galleries,
  • a fast and effective internal search engine.

The searches, central key for the visitors of the site, can be made by :

  • the name of the artist,
  • selection of a subject, a media, a style or a technique,
  • range of price,
  • the words used in the description of the works.

Art Luberon, how is it working ?

The principle of Art Luberon is based on reciprocity.
It is a space in which every artist, by making his promotion, contributes to the promotion of all. For that purpose, he benefits on his descriptive page of a link towards his Website and establishes in return a link of his Website towards that of Art Luberon.
Besides, he can use the logo and the address of Art Luberon on his visiting cards.
So, thanks to the reciprocity of exchange of links, every artist contributes to the promotion of the group by making his own promotion.

Account types

Three types of account are available to be a member of Art-Luberon :
'PRESENCE' this formula is free (see conditions)
'SHOWROOM' this is a paying formula (see conditions)
'GALERIE' this is a paying formula (see conditions)

So this two paying that allows the site to live in order to cover the costs while providing quality service to our members.

For the three types of accounts you can choose the option 'Featured' to have a link on the front page of the site, ensuring you a visibility of first choice.

What are the contents of "PRESENCE" on Art Luberon ?

  • management of your personal space from your computer, free and unlimited modifications,
  • 1 image of one of your art works with :
    • descriptive text allowing its referencing
    • the characteristics of the work : title, size, media type, style, price.
  • presentation text of the artist,
  • a photo of the artist or his workshop or recent art work,
  • your contact details : address of your artist studio, schedules, telephone, cell phone, etc.
  • hypertext links towards your email box and your personal site if you have one,
  • logo, an image that represent you and who is associated with your account,
  • the mentions of the galleries exposing you,
  • listing of your events, fairs, exhibitions, workshops or art classes.

These services are free, cf. conditions and prices.

What are the contents of "VITRINE" on Art Luberon ?

All the services of PRESENCE with in addition :

  • 4 images of your works instead of 1,
  • announcing until 10 events in advance : exhibitions, shows, international fair of art, art classes etc.
  • Presenting your works with a direct link towards your distributor (FNAC, AMAZON, etc.) if you are the author
  • access to the "Classified Ads section" (in preparation), this formula guarantees the third ranking row of results for searches made by visitors

Paying services, cf. conditions and prices.

What are the contents of "GALLERY" on Art Luberon ?

All the services of VITRINE with in addition :

  • 100 pictures instead of 4
  • Online sales service using Paypal system :
    • The artist keeps the entire amount of the sale
    • The artist undertakes to do that the images online in her or his art luberon space are actually available for sale
    • The shipping cost for France have to be included in the quoted price
  • And more for this formula is the top ranking in search results, just after the "FEATURED".

Paying services, cf. conditions and prices.

What represents the formula "FEATURED" ?

It is the promotion of an artist in front page of the site Art Luberon. Your name, logo and description with the link towards your space are put in homepage and at the first rank in all search results, guaranteeing a top-grade visibility.
This option can be purchased at any time additional to an account. However if taken at a time other than your account Vitrine or Gallery, expiration date will be the same as your account's one.

Paying services, cf. conditions and prices.

Managing your account

How to put a link from my site towards Art Luberon ?

Just visit the LINKS page. Choose among the four logos which one you would display on your website.

I registered but my name is not visible on Art Luberon?

Possible cause: if you have no image loaded, your space Art Luberon is not visible to users. However you can still log in using your username and password to complete your space by adding the photos.

Do I have the right to change my pictures in the course of the year ?

Yes, you can change your pictures as often as you wish it via your space "My account".
Les fiches des œuvres, sont rédigées et mises à jour uniquement par leurs auteurs...

How to change the pictures of my works ?

Choose on your computer the picture that you want to load, by respecting the dimensions recommended by the form of registration. You can modify the size with your usual photo editor. Indicate the extension .jpg.

In total your account must contain three categories of images :

  • The LOGO is a representative image that is associated with your account.
    Click on 'Logo', 'Import Logo' and 'Browse' to select an image from your computer (size 200×200 pixels and 20 Kb max)
  • Customize your description by putting a personal image.
    Click on 'Description', 'Change Image' and 'Browse' to select an image from your computer (maximum size : 330 pixels height, width 488 pixels, 250 KB max)
  • Class, images of your works.
    Click on 'Works' and 'Add a work'. Maximum size 500 Kb, 700×700 pixels max)

You can update or change all the images at any time.

Image format


May I change my name space ?

You cannot change your name space. If you absolutely want to change it, the only solution is to delete your account and to create a new one.
The name of your personal space should only contain letters and numbers the dash '-' and underscore '_', no space, no accents, minimum 6 characters and maximum 20.
At the time of your choice, think that the name is visible to the users, and it will appear in their browser, for example :
By deleting your account you will lose the profit of your possible paying subscription.

I lost my password, what can I do ?

You can ask for it on the site by clicking the link "Forgotten password ?" on the connection page of the member space. You will receive your password by e-mail at the address that you seized at your registration. If you entered an erroneous e-mail or if you have no more access to this e-mail, please contact us.

I do not manage to connect to my account, what can I do ?

If you cannot connect, the first thing to do is to check that your browser well accepts cookies. Select the levels of security and confidentiality by default of your browser.

How to save my changes in my description ?

To change your 'DESCRIPTION' once the cells you want to modify or supplement, go to the bottom of the page and click on UPDATE.
You will get a message telling you that your change has been taken into account.

Why is my account still not validated ?

The validation takes some minutes. So that your account can be put on-line, you have to add a work in WORKS.

How to build my Gallery ?

To create your gallery, log in to your account, then click on 'Fine art works' -> 'Add a work' and follow the instructions.
Also put the LOGO and a picture in your 'Description'.

How to delete my account on Art Luberon ?

To delete your account you have to go to the menu MY ACCOUNT by clicking the link.
Warning : any cancel of account is immediate and definitive.

How can I announce an exhibition ?

Up to Vitrine or Gallery you can advertise up to ten events and five bibliographies by logging into your account, see Subscribe

Password, what is it ?

The password is a means of ensuring the security of your account.
The couple login and password allow that you do not delete the record of the neighbor, or you do not fill the form in his place !
You choose your self your password and ID.

How are my images protected ?

All items on our site Art-Luberon is protected by the dispositions of the Intellectual Property Code. Consequently, any reproduction or imitation thereof, in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever, is therefore a forgery, an offense punishable by two years imprisonment and 152 000 € fine (Articles L. 335-2 and following of the French Intellectual Property Code).
Furthermore the artist's name is inscribed on each photo to work and publish it on our site.

Why should I copy a code ?

Further use a code to prove you're a human and not a robot that automatically post comments.
Actually, more and more dishonest persons program robots which post advertising comments.
This is a good anti-spam protection.

Selling your Artwork with Art Luberon

How to buy a work ?

To buy online, click the button "Buy now" which is on the form of the art work or contact the artist, by phone or by e-mail.
To know more about, see How to buy, sell art.

How to sell your art work on line ?

Tips for increasing its audience and visibility on the web.

Sponsorship of Art in France

Using sponsorship or sponsorship of art, the company enhances its image and acquire a new reputation.
Patronage and sponsorship for contemporary art, are not only reserved for large companies. Even on a small scale, it can bring prestige to your communication.

Acquisition of art works by companies (according to French law)

Article 238 bis AB of the General Tax Code, from section 7 of the Act of 23 July 1987 provides that companies making the acquisition of original works of living artists, are eligible under certain conditions, a tax reduction of 60 % of acquisitions in the limit of 5/1000 of turnover. For more information : Contribution à la mise en valeur et à la diffusion de la culture