General conditions of use of the website Art Luberon

General points

The purpose of this site Art Luberon is to allow artists such as painters, sculptors, photographers, engravers, computer artists, or illustrators and more generally all the plastic artists to show their works to the public.

Art Luberon aims to maintain a high level of quality of the site and regular updating of the work shown by the artists.

For these reasons :

The principle of Art Luberon is based on reciprocity.

It is a space in which every artist now making his promotion, contributes to the promotion of all. For that, he enjoys on his page description of a link to its web site and in turn establishes a link from his website to that of Art Luberon.
In addition, they can use the logo and the address of Art Luberon on its business cards.
Thus, through the reciprocal exchange of links, each artist contributes to the promotion of the group in forming its own promotion.

To put a link on your site please visit the links page, heading "Links' exchange". Please take the necessary steps to put a link to Art-Luberon in your site.

This site is open to every public without limitation. The consultation of it does not give place to the conclusion of a contract between the site and the visitor. The owner of the site cannot be considered responsible for the good functioning of the Internet network or for the host of the site nor for that of the equipment of consultation used by the visitor.
The registration on the site with presentation of the artist and one work is free (reserved for the physical persons within the limits of one registration per person). This service includes no assistance to the use of the site, neither by telephone, nor by mail or electronic mail, nor by any other means. The fact for the Webmaster to answer some e-mails does not mean on no account commitment to make it systematically. The service can be stopped at any time without advance notice and without giving place to any compensation.
It is possible to sign an additional paying subscription to show more than one work in one’s profile. As it is an on-line service with immediate effect, and as far as it was possible to test the functioning of the site as well as visitor that as member before any paying subscription, any payment is firm and definitive, without a possibility of retraction.

Intellectual property

At their registration on the site, the member artists assert possessing the rights of intellectual and artistic property of the works, which they show, the photos, which represent them, and the texts, which accompany them. By communicating them through the members' space of the site, they authorise implicitly the broadcasting on Art Luberon

Confidentiality - Access to personal data

We never communicate any information about our members, except those that can be seen on the site and except judicial requisition.
Personal data kept by Art Luberon are the ones keyed by the member at his registration and in his space MY ACCOUNT.
Access and rectification rights are made through the space MY ACCOUNT, subject to the delay for validation. It is possible at any time to completely destroy the totality of the data by the deletion of the profile from the space MY ACCOUNT, deletion being definitive and immediate.

Conditions of use

Artistic vocation

The purpose of Art Luberon is to allow painters, sculptors, photographers and other plastic artists to show their artistic works.
Profiles and / or photos not strictly entering in this frame will be eliminated without advance notice.

Accessibility to every public

The purpose of the site Art Luberon is artistic and it gives access to every public. As a consequence, any speech with political, religious or shocking contents for some communities is prohibited on it, photos and published texts must be visible by all, including by the children, the racial hatred, the apology of crimes against humanity, the childish pornography are strictly forbidden, any aggressive, defamatory, slanderous speech, not respecting the private life of others is strictly forbidden. You have to inform the Webmaster if you notice such mal practices on the site. Art Luberon is entitled to delete without advance notice the publishing of every person or site which would present a discriminatory, racist, slanderous character or striking a blow at the law, at the good customs, at the private life or at the human dignity.
The texts and photographs, even artistic, who do not observe this rule or that might offend some communities will be eliminated.

Respect others

You have to inform the if you notice such bad practices on the site.
Art Luberon is entitled to delete without advance notice the publishing of every person or site which would present a discriminatory, racist, slanderous character or striking a blow at the law, at the good customs, at the private life or at the human dignity.

The information contained therein shall in no case be used for sending e-mails or unsolicited mass, or for commercial or advertising purposes.
Those not complying with these rules are liable to be prosecuted.

Only one profile per person

The site Art Luberon is intended for private individuals, artists (physical persons), who want to show their works.
The free registration allows putting on-line the presentation of the artist and one work. The paying subscription allows showing several works.
The creation of multiple profiles for the same person or by persons who are not the artist to escape the payment is strictly forbidden. All the litigious profiles can be destroyed at any time and without advance notice and if some of the concerned profiles have subscription, no repayment will be made.

Details for the online sales service

This service is available to all members of art luberon having subscribed to a 'Gallery' account fulfilled their payment.

To avoid confusion about the sold piece of art don't use the same title for several art works.

For the sale process Paypal will contact you at the email address you provided at registration.
Ensure that the mailbox is still active.

Important : It is the artist to ensure that the price paid by the buyer, so the amount collected by PayPal on behalf of the artist corresponds to the price for the work.

All transactions using shall be governed by the terms of service PayPal. The artist is deemed to know and accept these terms.

ART LUBERON takes no commission for this service and as such can in no case, and for whatever reason, be held responsible, and some may be the consequences.

Art Luberon reserves the right to modify these terms without notice.